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people only fall in love because they cannot bear the thought of being alone

lundi 27 avril 2009

photo of mine
hoy fue un día (en líneas generales) muy bueno, salí a Starbucks (parezco adicta pero ayer no fui al final) con Danie y vimos a Miles Kane, bom-bo-na-so ♥ , también me compre auriculares nuevos, y tuve francés y me di cuenta de que no me llevo bien con los verbos irregulares y nada, aca estoy con algo muy especial entre mis manos..

listening: unattainable - little joy

samedi 25 avril 2009

shop girl

se me dieron ganas de hacer una entrada en ingles y aqui va
ive been working on school homework for so long, so i pleased myself and i went shopping in town, just a little bit, for about an hour. I went to AYnotdead to check out their sale items, bullshit;then i went further to VZ and i bought a watermelon scented hair care cream (smells like real fruit) for only $10, and a coconut scented exfolating hand cream haha. I bought a CD too. Carla Bruni - No promises, ive waited so long to get this cd! Had fun shopping with myself! I tried many ugly clothes in Paula Cahen D'Anvers! and i overslept on my way home, guess shopping really makes you tired. today: going to starbucks with Gala ♥
now listening: dame tu aire - alex ubago

jeudi 23 avril 2009

my first post

buh its so early, someone texted me and it woke me up, couldn't sleep anymore

going to have dinner at derek's house tonight, bit scared, i hope he's allright t t t ttt t tttttttt

now listening: meeting place - the last shadow puppets